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Animal Mediation

What is this ?

Who hasn't returned home one evening after a difficult or even just tiring day, and who is greeted by a multitude of meows perhaps meaning "you're still here!" ?

Your cat does you good!

He welcomes you, reassures you. Together you have rituals. You will perhaps sit on the sofa and therefore take time, together, but especially for you. And without realizing it, you are already starting to relax, you talk to him, tell him about your day, your blood pressure drops...

The relationship with an animal does us good. This is one of the bases of Animal Mediation. Through animals, we can express ourselves, manifest our relationship quite naturally, without pretense.The animal does not judge us. He welcomes us as we are.With him, you can be real, natural.

For you, we offer

As part of this relationship, Equi Libres have formed arespectful animal team,sociable,soft,friendly Andat your service. Each has its own character, very different from each other. They will therefore provide you with a varied and personalized exchange, andwill help youto toto be calm Andclear, hascommunicate better, has(re)center yourself.






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