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Activities around pony rides

The Equi Libres offeryear round on our websitePloeuc L'Hermitage located 20 km south of Saint-Brieuc, in a calm and green environment,activities around Shetland pony rides.

Focused around pony rides, our services arevaried, oriented towardsfun themes so that the child acquirestrust while doing pleasure. Some activities are also suitable formore experienced riders or even topassionate with a more technical approach and with aintroduction to horseback riding techniques, to prepare them forhorseback riding, one of thenew products for summer 2024.

Every summer,we are also present AtBosméléac lake hasAllineuc (22460) where we offer all these activities, with fun animal mediation workshops(in July and August, Tuesday to Sunday, afternoons, by reservation).

Lake Bosméléac is located 23 kilometers from Lake Guerlédan in Central Brittany. Smaller and wilder, it is moreuser-friendly. ABase Sports Nature managed by Loudéac Community, offers nautical activities all year round.

Ourponies live in groups outside all year round, which makes them animalswell in their heads Andsensitized to external noises and movements. They have extensive experience in equestrian centers and establishments welcoming disabled people. Therefore, they are accustomed to a particular audience and are thereforevery malleable Andvery sociable.

All these activities are supervised byof theprofessionals, holders of federal diplomas inequestrian tourism or graduates ofanimation (BAFA), guarantee of quality.




SAFARI, it is the originality of its color that catches the eye, and its eyes!

Thanks to hisequestrian center experience, Thenfor 5 years, at Equi Libres on walks and animal mediation, he is used to children and adults. By itstypical Shetland size, it is ideal for both beginners and experienced players. With his naughty character, he will charm your children!


FANNY is a sweet and calm pony.

It is more suitableto the little onesFor a first experienceand to beginners. Coming from the same equestrian center as Safari, as they say,“she knows the job” !

Shetland pony rides in hands Les Equi Libres


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