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The places Equi Libres Ploeuc L’Hermitage Allineuc


The Equi Libres have chosen toalign their services with their values :well-being, resourcing,connection with nature, exchange, in the most present possible conviviality and humanity. This is why we all chose thegreen and rolling countryside of Ploeuc L'Hermitage and Allineuc, and thequietudeprovided by theBosméléac lake.

Located approximately 20 kilometers from Saint-Brieuc and Loudéac, these 2 locations benefit from acentral position, real strong point:ease and speed of access (about 20 minutes from these 2 cities by car, 2h10 by train from Paris to St-Brieuc),Bosméléac municipal campsite open all year round (mobile homes and chalets), and for pony ride services, the possibility of coming to your structure for your events (e.g. Christmas events organized by the Festival Committee, etc.).

So you will have understood, theseplaces are suitable for walking : pony rides for children at Lake Bosméléac every summer, pony rides and horseback rides in the Ploeuc L'Hermitage countryside in   the year.


The Equi Libres are located in 2 locations:

HASPloeuc L'Hermitage, with the equestrian activities :

  • activities around Shetland pony rides,

  • horseback riding,

  • your horse's pension,

- Thereeducational mini-farm :

  • caring for small farm animals

- And theanimal mediation.

AtBosméléac lake hasAllineuc with:

- activities around Shetland pony rides,

- animal mediation.

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